Sunday, June 24, 2012

Rain, rain, go away...

Saturday was a difficult workday--it was absolutely pouring with rain. That was not very conducive to finishing the siding that we've been working on (and are SO close to completing!), so we were working inside for a good part of the day. We started the day at the store buying a few more nails, the vent we needed, and two decorative pieces for the gables on the outside of the house.

Sadly the morning started with an accident. Right after I painted the spindle wheels and set them inside the house to dry, the sawsall fell and smashed one of them! I was not a happy camper. But, nothing a little woodglue and some zipties can't fix! (we hope)

We built the framing for the shelves and bench on the back side of the house. In this picture I'm carefully placing my damaged spindle wheel decorations high up out of harm's way.

 All our supplies, tools, etc. were inside because it was way too rainy to work outside.

Hard to tell, but this is a picture of the plywood added to the top of the small loft.

Just above the small loft, we installed the vent to the outside. This will pull air in when it is opened, while the bathroom fan and loft window at the opposite end of the house will pull air out, creating an air tunnel of sorts to increase air circulation and decrease risk of condensation.

Outside view.

At the end of the afternoon, the rain started to let up, allowing us to finish a bit of siding on the front.

It's getting there...

This is the shelter we created for cutting when the rain continued to pour. Of course the moment we finished building it, the rain let up...

Close up of spindle wheel. Don't worry, it's getting another coat of paint, and yes we still have to add the soffit.

We also had the chance to meet a fellow Tiny House enthusiast. Vanessa came out to visit our house along with her boyfriend, Cory. Great to meet you both!



  1. Looking good guys! I hope that the rain will hold off for you this weekend!


    1. Is this you, Bird? I sure hope so! Thank you, we're enjoying it. The rain did not hold off so we plan to stain it this weekend instead. We got some good work done anyways, though! 27 days to go....