Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Some trim and a few visitors...

One thing we've enjoyed as we've gone through our building process has been all of the other tiny house enthusiasts we've connected with through this blog, conventions, and other random connections via friends and family. Today, we had a couple from Portland drive up to check out the house and visit with Jeff for a bit. They're just beginning to dream about building tiny. We also had a fellow from Austin, TX visit who we met at the Mother Earth News fair a few weeks ago. Thanks for the visits, guys!

Jeff was out there almost the whole day, showing the place to visitors and sneaking a little work in here and there. He almost completely finished the trim on the final two sides of the house.

We really love the purple now!

He created little notches below the window drains to be extra sure we won't encourage leaks. I'll repaint the purple over those later.

More siding to come tomorrow!


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