Monday, July 2, 2012

Our beloved insulation... and of course, more siding

We haven't posted in a while and have got quite a bit more done during the week and this last weekend.  

During the week, Margo and I were able to finish siding the front and door walls and began insulating the walls.  The type of insulation that we were using is exterior door scraps.  There is a door company down in the tide flats of Tacoma that continuously gives away free door insulation due to mis-cuts and just excess materials.  So we took advantage of their wastefulness and used it as our wall and floor insulation!  In a previous post we showed how we cut and insulated the subfloor, so we used the same technique to do the walls.  We had to cut the doors to size with a skil saw and put them inbetween the studs.  As you can imagine, this greatly increases our sheer strength in the walls.  Essentially having a door between each stud with protect the big windows that we put in.  This was something that we were worried about but, I hope that between this and the blocks that we put in, the strength will be good enough so our big windows don't crack when the house is going down the road.

This was a little too thick in the walls to sandwich two together so after we put the first layer in the walls we went and bought some R-Tech foam-board insulation as the second layer.  This was MUCH easier to work with as you only need a knife to cut it!  And it doesn't send microscopic glass pieces down into your lungs and in your pores.....  We got all of the walls done except where the electrical box will be because I have to do a little more work there first.  We have to still do the sleeping loft and about 75 percent of the ceiling.

Charmaine, Margo's sister came out for a little bit to check out the house before she leaves us.  She is moving to San Fransisco to dance and get her BFA! Sad, but really excited for her!  She deserves it!

Some friends came out and helped us yesterday put up the R-Tech and finish the siding on last (south) wall.  Unfortunately we didn't take any pictures of the last wall but I will try and get some today when I go back out.  Thank you to Sandy, DJ, Cheryl and Ericka!  You all helped so much and we really needed it!  THANK YOU!


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