Saturday, June 9, 2012

Our wood stove

After much debate and discussion, we decided to go with a very small wood stove made for heating a boat for the tiny house. Although the precision of a propane heater was appealing, we really wanted something that we gentler on natural resources, allowing us to use small, fallen branches to fuel it instead of dangerously harvested fuels. Jeff has plans to alter the exhaust to get some of the benefits of a rocket stove, but that is still being ironed out.

Like many other house finds, we bought this off of Craig's List from a nice man in Seattle who had formerly used it in his sailboat. Ironically, he is building a tiny house in his backyard as well! :) You have to love the Pacific Northwest!

Can I just say....It is adorable!

As you can see, it was locally made in Seattle by a company that unfortunately no longer exists.

It can be open to the grate or that door can slide down to cover the grate completely when burning.

We will post updates on how it works, I know a lot of folks are hesitant to use wood fuel in the city but we are excited about making it as efficient as possible!



  1. This is the kind of stove which might require some effort to use since you need wood instead of fuel but in the long run, you get to benefit from this great heating option as you get to avoid using dangerously harvested fuel.

  2. The Thompson family bus people who renovated two buses have one in their mini bus, and he shows how to use it. They got theirs in Canada from a fellow who sold it off his boat. It seems to work great. They used a few shields for the outside light and inside areas to keep it from excessive heat. See their videos. Tiny house on a bus.