Friday, June 22, 2012

Work during the week

So, we need to put in more hours if we are going to make it by our deadline.  Its at the point in the project where we are getting tired... We are motivated because the picture that we had of our home is actually starting to take shape (esthetically), but building your own house, although it is "tiny", from scratch is a lot of work.  Definitely worth it though, just need to generate more steam!

This week I went on my days off and Margo pitched in after work a couple of days.  We were able to do some more of the trim on the other side of the house, finish up the tongue box (except the doors) and put up some more siding.  

This is my version of ice and water shield... used some left over window tape and wrapped it around the front of the tongue box.  Turned out pretty well!

Thank you Mike, Ben, and Luke for helping me with the siding on this wall!  I really appreciated and needed the help!

This bathroom window is becoming better and better looking the more we do to it.  I am glad we decided to put this Door sidelight as the bathroom window.  

The roofing on the tongue box

more siding...

Margo went after work today and did more work on the tongue siding while I was still working, it looks great!

Tomorrow we are hoping to complete the siding and trim.  So, after a short stop at home depot to get more triple dipped siding nails, we will be off to work!

We will give another update at the end of the weekend!

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