Sunday, June 3, 2012

Flying solo

Jeff worked on his own this weekend while I was visiting my best friend in Spokane before she moves to Texas. (Thanks for the great visit Kati! Love you guys!) He replaced the window with the bad seal, he ended up using a slightly smaller window so he had to re-frame the space. He found it on craig's list so it was repurposed, but with a good seal of course! :)

So it's official, we have zero matching windows in the whole house.

In the picture above, you can see the beginning of the bathroom wall framing up.

Interior with the new window in, you can see the added framing below it which Jeff had to add.

The final window all sealed up!

Jeff also installed the rest of the electrical outlets and light boxes, but hasn't run the wire yet. We'll post more information about the electrical plan and pictures later this week.



  1. Thank you S! It was a good lesson for us in getting over our original idea of how things "should" look, which you end up doing a lot if you're really serious about using repurposed materials. It was also a lesson in checking seals more diligently before purchasing used windows! :)

    1. I think I still have to learn that lesson. haha :) I'm sure the time is coming soon where I'll have to let go of my perfect vision for this. We are just starting looking for windows, so I'll definitely be sure to check those seals!