Saturday, June 9, 2012

Lots of little things....

We worked a loooong day today and we're waking up early to head out there again in the morning before going to my brother's graduation ceremony. So, this update will be short and sweet. The highlights are, we finished caulking and taping all seams in the sheathing, around the ridgeline, any gaps, etc. The taping is a new technique Jeff learned about at the sustainable building techniques booth at the Mother Earth News fair last weekend. It is normally supposed to be done on the outside, underneath the tyvek, but it was too late for that since we already had our Tyvek up so we just did it on the inside. It is supposed to prevent any extra airflow, assisting with reducing condensation problems, etc.

Jeff also got really close to finishing the interior plumbing, but still has to create the hookups to the filtration system and water heater on the outside of the house.

 Plumbing behind the shower 1/2 done.

Sooooo much caulking...Every single crack!

Tape after caulking the roof.

Tape after caulking the wall under the end gable.

Shower Plumbing so close to done!

Jeff adding the switch for the "porch" light.

We installed the Fascia boards on the sides, which had to stay super tight to the walls due to keeping an eye on our road width. This wouldn't have been my first choice aesthetically, but allowed us to have more room to move around on the inside. With a space this small everything is a tradeoff. No pictures of this today--we'll try to take some tomorrow.

We bought metal drip edges to go over the fascia boards and underneath the edges of our metal roofing, which we will install once we seal off the fascia boards.

We also leveled out the trailer, installed a drip edge flashing over the top of the front door, ran more electrical for the exterior "porch" light, installed our plywood flooring for the loft, taped off the large picture window at the back of the trailer, and a bunch of other small miscellaneous things.

Siding boards stacked up in the loft.

We had hoped to get to some insulation today, but it wasn't in the cards. If we don't have time for it tomorrow, Jeff will definitely work on it during his days off next week.

View from kitchen up to bottom of loft flooring.

A good day, but an exhausting day, today.

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