Saturday, June 16, 2012

Holy Purple trim, Batman!

Friday was a Margo-solo work day after work, as Jeff was working until late. I made a shopping trip to the home depot, and then spent a few hours painting the trim to go around the windows and door.

The wood we got for the Trim is milled by a local mill owner named Lyle here in Tacoma. We got 1x4" finger-jointed cedar. We chose finger-jointed as we will be painting over it.

Original unpainted trim

WOW!!!!! SO purple! (That was my reaction after painting it--didn't quite look like the paint chip.)

A few finished pieces.

BOY, was I surprised at the brightness of the purple paint after it first went on. I finished all the boards up, but the hope is that they dry darker than they look wet.

We'll see how they look once they're up on the house!! :)


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