Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Tongue action

So today I spent the morning at our local home depot trying to pretend I'm a plumber.  I got some PEX tubing and different connectors to start the plumbing and a few other stuff for the electrical but we will write more about that tomorrow.  I made it out to the house and got to work on the tongue box that will house our propane tank, hot water heater, battery bank, and the other solar system regulators/inverters.  I have been looking forward to this for a while because, to me, its the first step in actually installing our solar system.  (Thats a lot of dollars and a lot of days down the road though)

I made a 2'x51" box and then used 2 layers of garden fencing to wrap around the bottom.  The reason for this is the let the air circulate a little bit better within the tongue box. 

On the left are three shelfs where the battery bank, inverter, and electrical box will be.  On the right is where the propane tank and hot water heater will reside.  

Another shot of the water heaters house.  

This is right up next to the bathroom window, which wont necessarily make for a good view...

Despite the appearance, it is not a chicken coop...

Tomorrow, I will try and wrap it with felt, and put the metal roofing on.  Maybe even the two doors that will be on the front.  



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