Saturday, June 16, 2012

Siding has begun!

Today was a very long and productive day. Since we're very tired, I'll just summarize and then post photos. Jeff and I got out to the build site early in the morning and started by breaking the lock on the door so that we could get in (long story). We then started trimming the edges, corners, and windows/doors on the long side of the house with the front door, as well as the back side of the house.
As we put our trim into place, we used clear-drying silicone caulk for all of the seams. We then added a starter pierce of 3/8" wood ripped down from 2x4's at the bottom of the wall right atop the trim pieces. From this we started our siding, which is 6" clear grade bevel cedar siding, and we are SO glad we chose the siding we did because it looks gorgeous! There are a few tricky cuts around the top of the window trim due to the decorative edges we chose, but they've all come out ok so far!

Thank you SO much to Margo's brother Cassius, and our friends Arrie, Cheryl, and Kyle for all of your help today! It was much appreciated! :) Our house could not be so wonderful without you!

We're headed out again tomorrow to get some more siding and trim done. We're loving the exterior finished look so far!!

-M & J


  1. I wish I found your blog before you started. I am also in Tacoma and going to be building my house soin enough. I would love to meet and talk to you about how you started.

    Vanessa, nessajayne @ gmail

    1. Hey Vanessa,
      Thanks for joining us on our journey! :) I just sent you an email--hopefully it will work out for you to come out and see the house.

  2. I can’t help but appreciate how you’re doing everything basically on your own. I love the siding you decided to go with, by the way! I think the difference in shade between each plank of wood -- however subtle or noticeable -- makes the entire exterior look very interesting.