Sunday, April 29, 2012


We got both of the lofts up today and put most of the metal straps that will help tie the walls to the subfloor.  We also, put the wall caps on and tried to square up the walls as much as we could.  They will move when we put the sheathing on but it always helps to not be too far off with that kind of thing... 

This is the sleeping loft framing.  We will be re-inforcing this with some beams that are parallel to the wall to give it more rigidity in the middle but for now it looks great!

Its actually starting to take form!

Just sittin on a wall...

This is the second loft that will be above our breakfast nook.  It is only about 17 inches wide.

Another shot of the sleeping loft.

From underneath, a shot at the cross braces we have to help the loft a bit.   

Screwing in the top place above the door.

Soon to be our door...

Our friend Sandy after we wrapped the trailer all up with two tarps.  It looks like a giant christmas present to me... I christmas present full of blood, sweat, and tears.. My Favorite!

We put in a good day but had to call it quits because Margo wasn't feeling too hot.  She had a really bad headache so we left a little earlier than planned but I am very happy with what we accomplished this weekend.  Next is sheathing in the walls and starting on the roof!


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