Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Testing the waters...

So the big question that many people ask us when we explain that we're planning to live in a cottage of less than 200 square feet for a few years is:

"Do you know that you can do that? Are you sure you won't drive each other crazy sharing such a small space?"

First of all, we're blessed to get along quite well, and truly enjoy spending time together (almost all of the time!). But now we have actually tried the concept and are able to say YES, we can do it and enjoy it, too!

For our one-year wedding anniversary we spent the week up in Vancouver Island, Canada, in a small village called Sooke. It is just outside of Victoria, so we were able to spend some days in the city when we wanted to.

We rented a beautiful cabin for the week, which was built in the early 1900's by some settlers, and recently renovated on the interior to include modern plumbing and a kitchen. The cabin sits on cliffs overlooking the Strait of Juan de Fuca (for those of you non-Northwesterners, that is the body of water between Washington State and Vancouver Island, Canada). Gorgeous views!

And the best part of the cabin was, it was less than 200 square feet in size! It was a great test of our concept of living in a tiny space, and you know what, we really enjoyed it. It was layed out in a very cozy manner, with a great room that doubled as kitchen and eating area, a bathroom with shower and toilet, and a separate bedroom off of the great room. We felt really comfortable in the space.

We can't wait to have a tiny cabin of our own! :)

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