Saturday, April 7, 2012

Oh happy day...

Today was beautiful!  I think it was the first sunny day that we have both had off in a very very very long time...  So, we worked on the Tiny House!  We were able to get quite a bit done today because two of our friends ( Kyle and Sam) came and helped us.

Today we accomplished:

1) Reinforcing the trailer with steel beams, we were able to rent a welder from Home Depot.
The welder

2) Cut and welded the new axles (6k lb capacity each) and then bolted them onto the trailer frame. (this was a lot of work...) Also cut any extra unneeded metal parts off of the trailer frame, like the steps, etc.

3) Framed the three boxes, made of 2x4's, that will make up skeleton of the subfloor.

4) Painted Rustoleum on the new weld spots to protect from corrosion.

This was my first time ever welding, and I loved it!  Sam and Kyle did the majority of the welding but by the end I took over and made the last few welds.  It turned out great and all the welds look really good.

Next step is to finish painting the trailer, put on some lights, and take it to the DMV to get a home-made trailer title.  Because we changed the weight capacity and structure of the trailer, we will need to get it re-licensed.


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