Monday, May 7, 2012

Cinco de Mayo!

We are a little late on the post but this last weekend we were able to square the house up using a little creation with jacks and jack stands...  We got the walls squared up and put the remainder of the metal strapping on, including the corner braces which are not pictured below.  This does not include the roofing hurricane clips or anything else to do with the rafters.  These straps were re-enforcements to help tie the walls to the floor and to one another.  Typically this is done with just plywood but anywhere that you will be experiencing wind, you have to have them.

Im installing the last of the corner brackets, standing on the sleeping loft!  

Wall to subfloor connection

Attaching the wall to the subfloor.  

This picture shows a few of the 12" metal straps we used to connect the top plates to the walls.  

The base layer of the plywood.  We got this from the previously featured shed demo, thank you Tiffany!

We have most of one wall sheathed.  This wall will only have the door (full sized window door) for light.  This will ideally be the north facing wall, but that depends on where we eventually call home I suppose.  

This is one piece that will connect the ridge beam to the wall top plate.


P.S. Margo helped a lot today but was somehow not in any of the pictures... 


  1. You made the right choice to use metal strapping to secure the wood. How long did it take you to finish your house? I know it’s not easy to build a house alone, but it looks like you’re enjoying it. You built that house with your own hard work, and that’ll make it more special.

    -Carl Patten

  2. Yes, it makes it a lot stronger but I am sure you know much more about it than we do. We are about 5 months into it and will be moving this saturday to live full time in the house. Its been a lot of work but well worth it! Thanks for the comment