Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Subfloor plan changes and cute Babies....

So Monday night Jeff headed over to work on the house after work, and our friends Kyle and Julia picked me up after work and drove me over there so we could help Jeff out a bit at the end of the night. That meant I got the chance to hang out with this little guy....

Baby Cash! Such a handsome little fella...

Lights are finished, now we just need to wire the brakes.

Jeff drilled holes in the framing where the bolts will go through, and scored marks in the trailer where he then drilled holes as well.

The framing of the subfloor clamped onto the trailer while we drilled.

We added one extra 2x4 in the middle section of the subfloor to give us a better spot to drill through for connecting to the trailer.

We're using all-thread cut into 5 inch lengths for our bolts. I realized today that we've never actually posted our design and overall plans for the house, so stay tuned for those details in the next few days. The "Big Reveal!" :)


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