Tuesday, April 24, 2012

We have a floor! And a wall....

A day in pictures because I'm not feeling creative enough to write too much. This is all the work we got done on this past sunny saturday.

A friends' borrowed truck loaded up with lumber and a shower stall we bought on craig's list. (Thank you!)

Pieces of insulation being placed into the subfloor.

Insulation in the pile waiting to be cut.

We tightened all bolts and added Threadlocker red so they'll never be able to unscrew.

Erica adding the strongest superglue ever! Thanks E.!

Not sure what I'm doing here...showing how strong the foundation is maybe?

Jeff and Sandy cutting all of the insulation to fit into the subflooring. Thanks Sandy!

Kati and are....not working, apparently... Just kidding, Kati hauled a bunch of insulation and helped install it. Thank you!

Erica is showing off our excellent work applying spray foam to any gaps between insulation and framing.

Sandy fitting the puzzle together.

Drilling down the top layer of OSB. 1/2 inch here.

Dave is supervising. Thanks Dave!

Beginning the framing of wall #1

Wall coming together...

This is the wall we were building on Saturday.

This wall will be built next.

End of the day on Saturday--almost finished!

This is a picture Jeff sent me at the end of the day yesterday, after he finished the first wall all by himself! 

Thanks to all of our wonderful friends including Arrie (not pictured) for your generous help over the weekend! We appreciate it so much!



  1. Actually homie- you were "sitting" on your couch!! Hehe-- I also have ones where you were testing out the facilities, but I see that didn't make it! Haha love the update!

    1. Lol well, we wanted to keep this blog rated for all audiences... ;) Can't wait to get the roof on!