Saturday, April 28, 2012


Today was a great day!  We woke up, had some coffee and took off to the build site.  We were able to get all four walls put up and put into place. Below are some pictures that show what we completed.  

 This is the second wall after we laid all of our boards out.  We attached them using both, wood glue, and 2 1/2" screws.  

The second wall up and braced.  It is hard to see but this wall has no windows except for our door (which has a full length double pane window) 

Another angle...

Plan of the rear wall

Margo setting in the header for the breakfast nook window.  

The rear wall 

Last wall up! (front).  This has two windows, one long skinny window about where my right hand is and a window that will be in our sleeping loft above my head.

After we squared up the walls and screwed them to the subfloor.

Finally, we have four walls and a floor...

Tomorrow we hope to build the loft so we can start on the roof!


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