Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Independence day!!!

Happy Independence day! My good friend Tara and I got some serious insulation work done today! It was a beautiful day out and we were in side measuring, cutting, and installing our lovely foam board insulation. We're sooooo close to being done with the insulation!

Installed insulation...

Tara with the strip of all the measurements she wrote down as I was yelling them down to her from the loft...

Go team!



  1. What great fun and full body work out! Haha It was great to come help Margo !
    Its s*n*o*wing in July! No, that's just a giant foam art project! ; )

    1. Yayyyyyy Tara! It was sooo much fun to have you out there helping me out! I really appreciate it. I was loving our styrofoam art, fo sho. ;) Snowing on an 80 degree day, no less.....

    2. Yaaayy! You finished it! Haha how did you sing country songs without me and my measuring skills ; ) Perhaps I'll see you two tomorrow?