Friday, July 13, 2012

Super quick update

For those of you who are following our progress on the house with bated breath (we know, we know, it's just us and Kati....), we are down to a minuscule 19 DAYS before we move out of our current home and into the tiny house! Which means it is super crunch time around the Carroll residence these days.

If we're not out at the house pounding nails into something, we're at our current duplex packing boxes, making Goodwill runs, or scrubbing things down. It has been very freeing over the past few weeks giving away even MORE of our possessions to charity, being left with only what we truly need. For anyone who has never tried a possessions purge, I strongly encourage you to give it a shot--you'll be amazed at how unburdened you feel without all those things sitting around in closets and on shelves "just in case" you need them, when in reality it'll probably just sit there for another few years untouched.

We've finished all the panelling on the interior walls, and this weekend we'll start tiling the floor in the bathroom and sanding down the interior wood in preparation for sealing and trim. We're also building kitchen cabinetry as well. Jeff is planning to install the hot water heater and wrap up the electrical.

So please forgive the lack of posts that is currently happening, but we promise we'll update more once we're moved in!!! :) Thanks so much to all of our friends for your incredible support and all your hard work that you are so graciously giving to our project! We couldn't do it without all of you!


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