Monday, May 21, 2012

Tenemos unas ventanas!!

So on Sunday our good-luck streak of sunny weather came to a sopping wet end. It was pouring rain all day long, not exactly the best working conditions. After church in the morning and a quick visit from Jeff's brother, we headed out to get a few hours of work done on the house. 

We finished installing 3 more windows and started on 1, for a grand total of 4 finished windows out of the total 6 windows, and an almost finished door. We still need to flash and seal the kitchen window, as well as installing and sealing the loft window and sealing the door. 

Around the outside edges of each window, we used hurricane proof waterproof flashing tape, which is the thick tape stuff you see below. We also sealed around the space between the window edge and window framing with spray foam insulation inside.

The house so far....


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    1. Thanks E.! Having the windows in is starting to make it feel like a real house! :)