Friday, March 29, 2013

Our babies are growing up....also known as starting seedlings

Hurray for gardening again!  We got all of these seeds (and quite a few more) from our landlord for free.  He coordinates all of the community gardens in our city/county so he had some left over seeds!  We had gone back and forth about starting seedlings.  The main problem was where would we put them?! After all, our home is a little small... Never-mind that though, because we found a wonderful spot as you will see below in the pictures! :)  

Free seeds!

Filling the trays with potting soil

 We made sure to label before we started planting, I highly suggest it!

These are edible flowers that we are trying to start without the light or the heat pads.  

We cleared out our storage loft and installed a grow light with heat pads under the seedlings. 
This is where we will be starting our seeds for the year.  It worked out perfectly!

As of this writing, most of the seedlings are at least 1 inch above the soil line!  Goodness, it almost time to get the garden going outside.  I just wish we had some warmer weather out there...

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