Sunday, March 24, 2013

8 Months Later...

family over for a visit

We have been living in our Tiny House for 8 months so far, and the verdict is.....


We absolutely love living in this home.  It is incredibly cozy and 100% functional.  This has been better than we had expected (even through the gloomy winter we have up here in Tacoma, Wa).  We recently got back from a trip that we took down to the Baja in Mexico, and although we had a great time, we could not wait to get back to our little home!    

In addition to how cozy this place is, it has also been wonderful for our finances.  As of 2 months ago, we are 100% debt free!!!  What a huge blessing that has been!  Not having a big rent payment along with other financial decisions has allowed us to pay off all of our debt.  We have also travelled to Guatemala and Mexico, and have gone on a number of camping trips in this time (so we are still having a lot of fun!).  

We realize that even though we are not building the house anymore, it is still changing us in how we live our lives and prioritize our responsibilities.  This blog will be changing from focusing exclusively on the Tiny House, to more of what we are now doing BECAUSE we live in this wonderful home.  There will be many more projects in and around the house that you will start to see.  A couple that we have going on now (no pictures yet) are building a free chicken coop from scrap materials and setting up our garden!

Many more updates to come!


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