Friday, March 30, 2012

A quick and dirty update...

So, We haven't been writing in quite a while, due to a week spent on vacation in Canada and celebrating Jeff's birthday this month. BUT, that doesn't mean that we aren't getting things done. We have the trailer, all of our insulation, and lumber at the build site. We spent two days grinding all the surface rust off of the trailer and spraying it with Rust Reformer and then Rustoleum paint. Pictures for your viewing pleasure:

The trailer all jacked up with the new jacks we bought.

Pretty rims...

Jeff is down at the other end, already started used the wire brush attachment on the angle grinder to grind off the surface rust. We worked simultaneously with two grinders.





So much fun.... He had black specks of paint on his forehead for a few days afterwards.

Finished product! So much nicer!

Step 1

Step 2

We're going to try to get better about updating. I think we'll post next about our recent supply purchases.


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