Saturday, March 31, 2012

Goal checking for March

Today, we drove up north to pick up some new, much heavier-duty axles for the trailer. The original axles were 2,800 lb capacity each, whereas the new ones are 6,000 lb capacity each, and only cost us $400. We also bought steel I-beams for reinforcing the trailer frame. Now we just need to find someone with welding gear so that we can attach them...

The old axles and wheels. Changed them out today--more pictures to come.

So, earlier in the month we posted some goals for ourselves to make each month. And using the internet for accountability is no good if we don't follow up and see how we did on achieving those goals. So here's what we said we would accomplish for March, and then the reality of what we got done:

Our goals for March:
  • Finalize Designs and print into usable plans -Almost done, but not quite. 90% complete and should be done by next week.
  • Finish de-nailing salvaged lumber and take inventory -Done for now. We've inventoried and prepped the majority of the lumber, and will do more when/if we need to use it. 
  • Bring all supplies to build site -With the exception of finishing items like door, windows, etc., everything is there.
  • Clean and seal trailer, add lights, and wire brakes -Done! Using magnetic lights for now until the trailer is finished and we know exactly where they'll be placed.
  • Gather/purchase remaining Lumber -This is not done yet because we're waiting on the finalized plans to make a cut list for the remaining lumber which we didn't get from the shed. 
  • Frame and insulate Floor -Not done.
  • Sell our Jeep and get a Diesel for hauling our home (converted to waste vegetable oil) -Done--we've sold the Jeep, but we're feeling that we'll just rent a truck for when the house needs to be hauled because (hopefully) that will be infrequent.
  • Gather remaining windows and door -Almost; we need to buy a small window for the loft and a skylight for the roof.
  • Gather all tools that we will need -Missing a Miter Saw and a Belt Sander. 
So it looks like we're about 50/50 on getting our goals accomplished. But, we're still encouraged and pleased by our progress. The beat rolls on...

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