Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A fresh new idea

“Where do I want to be in my life 4 years from this day?”

That is the question I am trying to pull myself along with as I struggle to find motivation for where we live, where I work, and many other things in our life right now. We have been married a whopping 9 months, and so far they have been the best nine months I could ever ask for with my partner, but the most difficult nine months I could imagine throughout the rest of my life.

I believe that Hope is the only truly positive motivation that I have for pursuing my goals. Hope that those goals will be a better place for me to rest that where we are now. Hope that pushing towards those goals will not wear out the patience of a fresh young marriage. Hope that those around us might also be blessed as we achieve our goals.

I’m not sure if that is all too much to ask, but I feel strongly that without asking those questions, we could never be satisfied once we’ve actually reached our goals. There are far too many unknowns for us to step out blindly and say that it will be good because we have all the answers already.

So, I have to pose this as a question, not as a statement;

“Where do I want to be in my life 4 years from this day?”

And of course, I mean not only “where,” but also “what” and “with whom.”

Along the road to those goals, I want to be engaging with and writing about ideas that matter. I want to wrestle with issues of great significance in our world as well as our own community. I know that we will not reach our goals tomorrow, or even the day after that. And so as we trudge along through the day-to-day madness of our world, I want to be grounded by healthy discussion and fresh new ideas.

Because that is all the great minds ever started with, wasn’t it? A fresh new idea, and the willingness to take a risk on it.

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